Microsoft 365 – Adding user access to mailbox via PowerShell

This will enable you to open shared mailboxes using the Open Another Mailbox option in Outlook Web App Run PowerShell as Admin Connect to Exchange Online Install-Module -Name ExchangeOnlineManagement -Force Connect-MsolService Connect-ExchangeOnline -UserPrincipalName [admin email address] -ShowProgress $true Add-MailboxPermission -Identity [user mailbox to share] -User '[user account]' -AccessRights FullAccess -InheritanceType All -AutoMapping $true

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SOPRO Imaging Install

You are going to want to run the installer for SOPRO, typically located in the \\server1\Sopro Imaging\Sopro Imaging Installer\Sopro Imaging setup.exe Follow all the steps for the installer. Run SOPRO imaging. Click new Add a name like Dr Wrong Database Double click the new doctor that you created (might also see one titled demo) Top left > File> Setup Change the images folder path to the correct one In this case, it was \\server1\Sopro Imaging\Images [...]

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Outlook not loading, connecting or logging in

If you run into a weird issue where Microsoft Outlook is not fully loading, logging in or refusing to connect—here is the fix: Start menu > Access school or work (type school) Disconnect email address Open Microsoft Word, go to account, sign out of email Close and reopen Word, log in like normal, should be good If this doesn't resolve the issue, sometimes you need to delete all Office-related credentials from Credential Manager too. [...]

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Eaglesoft not connecting to database

We recently replaced a workstation at a local dentist office. We were able to ping the server by both IP and hostname, same version of Eaglesoft running on the server and the workstation, we can access the DATA file. However we constantly received the following error: “Database server not found” We uninstalled and reinstalled EagleSoft, rebooted server, rebooted workstation, uninstalled bitdefender, disabled firewall, ensured all updates are done ... contacted EagleSoft support and were still not able to get [...]

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pfSense — Disable TCP timestamps to pass PCI compliance scan

We were working with a client to disable TCP timestamps (RFC1323) on pfSense to pass their PCI compliance scans. Referencing this thread ( Pfsense disable tcp timestamps RFC1323 ), it should be in system tunables but it was not present. To make this happen, go in through ssh and use sysctl to change it, it's not listed in the gui. Command is sysctl net.inet.tcp.rfc1323=0 you can also use sysctl -a to list all system [...]

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Bridging Softdent and PlanMeca

We couldn't find much of a solid guide out there for the right process connecting Softdent to PlanMeca. Call PlanMeca, they will tell you call Softdent. Call Softdent, they tell you call PlanMeca. Sharing this in case anyone else needs to integrate PlanMeca as their primary imaging software. You need to install the planmeca "PMBridge" this should be included with your Romexis software. If you have the original USB flash drive it's in the [...]

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Missing Xrays in Dexis

If the practice staff inadvertently archives images, you can do the following to get everything back the way it was. Click the folder at the top and ensure that the correct xray is selected to display. Verifying To ensure an xray has not been deleted, note the patient ID. For example, this patient's ID is 00000574. Go to the data folder and navigate to \0\0\0\0\0\5\7\4 Count the images in the folder, if they are not [...]

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Add Shared Calendar to a Microsoft Team Group

Several clients have asked about adding a shared calendar to a Team's Group so they can all view and edit it directly in the Teams app separate from Outlook. Unfortunately, this isn't a native feature, but sounds like it is something that Microsoft is working on. Right now there isn't a built-in shared calendar feature for a Team's Group. We did however find a valid work around and thought I would share. Basically, you [...]

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RMTT Summer Picnic 2021

The RMTT Summer Picnic 2021 was Saturday, August 21st at Waneka Lake Park in Lafayette, Colorado. This local park is awesome! It has a lake house with paddleboat, kayak, canoe and standup paddleboard rentals. Fishing is allowed and the lake is stocked with rainbow trout. Waneka Lake Park is also home to a fantastic disc golf course. The park has two park shelters, located next to the playground and Waneka Boathouse. The East shelter is closer [...]

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Office365 constantly popping up Basic Authentication dialog instead of Two Factor

We run into this often, so thought it would be good to share if anyone else runs into this.Older Office 365 accounts are *NOT* set up to do modern authentication by default. So if the tenant was created prior to the change of default, you must do it manually. Otherwise, Outlook will keep trying basic authentication despite you having enabled two factor authentication.To do this through the GUI you can go here: If you [...]

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Microsoft Security – Best Practices for Cloud

Our Microsoft partner, SYNNEX, compiled the following guidelines established by Microsoft to ensure the highest level of security. Included below, they've provided security guidelines for the prevention of and response to security incidents and links to the related Microsoft articles for each recommended action. Below are recommended best practices for use at all times. Follow these steps in this priority order. Use Identity Isolation to limit exposure of credentials Azure Guidance for Secure Isolation| [...]

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RMTT virtual booth at the 2021 Rocky Mountain Dental Convention Anywhere

RMTT will have a virtual booth at the 2021 Rocky Mountain Dental Convention Anywhere January 21 – 23, 2021 presented by the Metro Denver Dental Society (MDDS). You can attend the entire conference online which offers a great opportunity to get your whole staff involved. Visit our Booth Meet up with our sales team as we cover cybersecurity, malware protection, HIPPA compliance and the value of regularly schedule maintenance visits to keep everything [...]

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