The Rocky Mountain Tech Team difference is our cablers work closely with our team of expert techs to ensure your network is built for speed, scalability and security. A well-planned and executed wired network is the backbone of productivity in today’s cloud-based businesses. Connect an open mesh wireless network and your team will see the difference ours can make.

With offices in Boulder & Denver, we are the one-stop shop for your cabling needs:

  • New Office Builds, Remodels & Additions – from just a few drops to hundreds, we’ve got you covered
  • Office Moves & Expansions
  • VOIP Rollouts
  • Conference Room Projectors, HD TV and Video Conferencing
  • Security & Camera Systems
  • Server Closet Overhauls
  • Home Theater

Our experienced cablers have an attention to detail that makes a real world difference. From labeling to making sure everything is the right place – you’ll be impressed.


  • Data & Voice
  • Ethernet
  • CAT6 (RJ45)
  • CAT5e (RJ45)
  • CAT3 (RJ11)
  • VOIP Phone Systems
  • Security & Camera Systems
  • Dental Equipment
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  • Audio & Visual
  • TV / Sound
  • Coaxial
  • HDMI
  • Speaker Wire
  • Projector Mounts
  • HD TV & Display Mounts
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  • Wireless
  • Fast & Secure
  • CloudTrax Open Mesh
  • Apple Airport
  • Access Point Balancing
  • Guest Network Branding
  • Usage Monitoring
  • Best-in-Class Encryption
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Recent Projects

Dental & Orthodontic Offices

As the exclusive IT support provider to the Metro Denver Dental Society, we’ve built out a lot of dental and orthodontic offices! The number of devices and equipment that need to work together in a modern practice requires a higher level of planning and expertise in cabling than many other industries. We have years of experience making sure your office is ready.

Law Firms

Law firms need both a high level of security and an equally high level of collaboration and communication with clients, opposing counsel and experts. We’ve assisted in both making sure all network access is secured while setting up conference room systems to allow for easy coordination with many different video conferencing, screen sharing and streaming systems. 

Charter Schools

Charter schools are tasked with a keeping a large number of students, teachers and staff always connected to the network and the wide range of online multimedia learning tools available today. We have specific experience in making sure the network will load balance quickly and keep the teachers teaching.

Retail & Restaurants

To keep things running smooth at all times, stores & restaurants need high uptime with no cables showing! From making sure the point of sale stations spread across the floor are able to run the card the first time to keeping inventory real-time across large warehouses, we can make it happen and look great. Customer wireless access branded with your logo and secure from the company network is one of our many strong suits.


Case Studies

Sticker Giant: Real-Time Dashboards


In the world of online, on-demand, custom manufacturing, Sticker Giant’s service experts need a full 360 degree view of their business to keep orders flowing and customers happy. A six-screen real-time dashboard including web visitors, scheduling and order processing keeps everyone on the same page.