RMTT Maintenance Windows

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What are RMTT maintenance windows?

When time sensitive security updates or configuration changes require a reboot, RMTT schedules those to occur during maintenance windows.  This is a notification letting you know that reboot is happening in 5 minutes

What are the default maintenance windows?

Workstations:  Wednesdays between 2:00AM and 3:00AM

Servers:  Tuesdays between 2:00AM and 3:00AM

Why am I seeing this outside of that time?

If your computer is powered off, asleep, or in a hibernated state, it will catch up on the necessary reboot when it is powered back on

How do I cancel the reboot if it’s not a good time?

You should have an RMTT icon on your desktop and your start menu, under there you will find an option to Abort Scheduled Shutdown


How do I prevent getting this during business hours?

Leave your computer plugged in and turned on at night, especially Tuesday nights into Wednesday mornings.  We can help you adjust your settings for lower power consumption while still available to receive updates during these maintenance windows

What if the default maintenance windows don’t work for my company?

Reach out and we can adjust the schedule for your company





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