Connecting to SimpleHelp with Your Mac

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1 | Navigate to

2 | Click the blue “download remote support” button

3 | Once downloaded, open the downloads and open the “RMTT Remote Support-macos-online.dmg” file

4 | Double click the blue Remote Support icon

5 | Click “Open” on the downloaded content warning

6 | Click “Accept” on the disclaimer window

7 | Input your name and company name, then click “Continue”

8 | On the screen recording pop up click “Open System Settings”

9 | In the screen recording application list click the slider to enable “Remote Support” to view your screen

10 | Click “Later” on the pop up warning window

11 | Open “System Preferences” or “System Settings,” click “Privacy & Security” on the left pane and click into “Full Disk Access”, “Accessibility” and “Screen Recording” and make sure all have the slider next to “Remote Access” turned on.

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