Meet the Team

Rocky Mountain Tech Team provides small to mid-sized businesses with full-service information technology support for PC or Mac-based computers, servers and networks. Dedicated to maximizing system uptime and efficiency, Rocky Mountain Tech Team offers services essential for their client’s smooth operation—from pro-active maintenance packages and spam control to emergency services.

Team members are personable and known for having the experience needed to provide time-tested solutions. Our headquarters is in downtown Denver with offices in Boulder and Fort Collins, Colorado. Our company has served as a technology solutions partner for a wide range of companies across Colorado since 2002.


Brandon Hamilton


Brandon’s IT career began in the late 90s on a team managing a 1500 user corporate network. Brandon moved from Wisconsin to Colorado in 1999 and began supporting small and medium sized businesses in the Boulder/Denver area. In his free time Brandon enjoys skiing, mountain biking, travelling and the Green Bay Packers. Be sure to ask him about his latest adventures around the globe.

Henry Hamilton

Starting 2035

Henry comes to the team with months of experience. Carried from meeting to meeting, his tireless efforts create both a sense of urgency and periods of calm throughout the day—and often through the night. When calls come in he may not be the first to pick up, but he is listening in the background—patiently awaiting his opportunity to shine.

Roger Hamilton

Starting 2037

Don’t call Roger a millennial, he’s a true renaissance man from the old school. Need more internet speed – bond a couple ISDN lines together. Offsite backups? Get that CD-ROM binder with the zippers. All kidding aside, Roger knows the ins and outs of how to keep everything running like clockwork.

Ben Taylor

Network Engineer

Ben began his life as an unofficial computer technician at the ripe old age of 13, when he would backup, format and rebuild his PC for fun. Before joining RMTT, he worked as IT support for various nonprofit organizations across Colorado. When he gets out from behind a computer, Ben enjoys spending time with his family, live music, the outdoors, and craft beer.

Caleb Smith

Network Engineer

Caleb began his IT career by repairing and rebuilding PCs for family and friends while in Middle School in Clinton, MO for entertainment and pure interest for computers. Caleb moved to Westminster from Kansas City to join Rocky Mountain Tech Team in 2015. When not in front of a computer, Caleb enjoys live music, being outdoors and mountain biking.

Chris Dotson

Network Engineer

Chris started building and working on computers at a young age and pursued working in the IT field right out of college where he studied computer networking systems. Contracting short term projects right out of the gate and then eventually moving into IT outsourcing. Working and learning various end user systems as well as network infrastructures. He has spent 3 years supporting and managing several charter schools in the Denver area and enjoys supporting the education environment.

Dave Engstrom

Network Engineer

Dave started his IT career in the late 90’s providing enterprise IT support services for the world’s largest insurance brokerage firm. Since then, he has owned and operated his own IT consulting firm, worked as a Technical Team Lead for another enterprise insurance firm, acted as a level 3 escalation engineer, before joining RMTT. He finds working with small to medium-size businesses more his style and can relate well to their needs being a former entrepreneur himself. Although he is highly experienced in the Microsoft world, he’s also fluent in Macintosh and Linux and hybrid environments. When he’s not working, he enjoys photography, camping, fishing, cross country motorcycle rides, dog walks, and road trips with his family.

David Ferszt

Network Engineer

After willing himself into existence, David received his college degree in philosophy from CU Denver. After failing to find anybody willing to pay him to sit around pondering the meaning of the universe, he took to the IT industry which he has been working in for about 15 years. He likes this profession because of the client interaction as he is an extrovert at heart. This Whovian recently became a father and is looking forward to teaching this young chap everything he has learned. “Of all the things I have lost, I miss my mind the most” –Mark Twain

Dave Morrison


Dave builds out our in-house custom software that runs and automates daily operations. We scan support requests, scheduled visits, incoming calls, backup alerts, virus protection, computer health metrics and more to ensure we’re providing the very best support for every one of our clients. Many businesses may remember him providing onsite Mac support for years in Colorado. He now lives on the Outer Banks where he’s able to focus on breaking things that worked minutes before.

Derek Buranen

Network Engineer

Derek’s repertoire in the IT industry started out with web design in the late 90s and quickly grew to include projects from network design to end-user support. Derek moved to Boulder from Minnesota to work with Rocky Mountain Tech Team in 2003. He also loves to spend time in the mountains camping or snowboarding.

Eric Burge

General Manager

Eric’s first computer was an Apple II+ back in 1982 and he’s been working in IT ever since. He’s led technical support teams for companies like IBM, Lucent/Bell Labs and managed the IT department for a nutraceutical company in Broomfield. When Eric is not in front of a computer, he can usually be found in the kitchen perfecting a French sauce. Eric keeps busy with his wife and very active three kids.

Jacquelyn Metivier


John Reinhardt

Account Manager

John is number 6 out of 9 kids and a Colorado native who believes there is no better place to live. He brings over ten years of experience helping dental, medical & veterinary practices with implementing technology to improve patient care and business efficiencies. You can count on John to respond whenever you need assistance with your practice related technical objectives.

Jessica Taylor

Billing / Human Resources

Jessica started her career as an HR Specialist in the Army and fell in love with Colorado while stationed at Ft Carson. Though she’s tried to move away several times, the mountains and sunshine keep bringing her back.  She splits her time with accounting and HR by day and hiking and yoga on weekends and evenings.

José Rivera

Cabling Engineer

Jose has been doing low voltage cabling since 2009. Being a perfectionist he is always eager to go above and beyond to be sure the customer is happy. He gets along with just about everybody and you can rarely catch him without a smile on his face. On his off time he races motorcycles, rides dirt bikes with his wife and two daughters, enjoys escaping Colorado to surf in Hawaii and his home Island of Puerto Rico, and you may just catch a glimpse of him in a few Yamaha motorcycle commercials and magazines.

Kelly Bolen

Network Engineer

Kelly was born and raised in Boise, Idaho. He worked for a non-profit in Boise as the one man IT department for over 10 years. He decided he needed a change from Boise and moved to Boulder to see what Colorado had to offer. He has worked with computers all his life, being his family and friends IT support and playing with gadgets and technology whenever he can. He is a problem solver and loves helping others solve technology issues of any kind. He is also a huge sci-fi nerd and watches at least one Star Trek series every year—The Next Generation is the best.

Kevin Kellar

Network Engineer

Kevin started his IT career in Washington DC at a frozen foods distributor when he was 17. In 2011 he moved to Grand Forks, North Dakota where he attended the University of North Dakota. Kevin moved from North Dakota to Colorado in 2014 to join the team. He has worked with almost every type of desktop and server specializing in virtual environments.

Laurie Zimmerman

In Memoriam

Laurie moved to Boulder in 1995 after graduating from the University of Iowa and has been designing and supporting networks ever since. Her skills run the gamut from introducing the 1st server to a small business to managing 50 server data centers. She is another outdoor enthusiast, enjoying everything from snowboarding and mountain biking to the more mellow activities of snowshoeing and hiking.

Sadly, we lost Laurie in 2018. She is in our hearts and on our minds all the time.

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Matt Jordan

Network Engineer

Matt started his IT career in Florida in 2003 supporting a local network with 13 servers. He progressed from there starting a consulting job in Florida then making the trip to Colorado. He enjoys working with small businesses to streamline their IT infrastructure and maximize their potential impact on the community. When he’s not working he can be found in the mountains snowboarding or mountain biking.

Mike McManus

Network Engineer

Mike has been working in the IT field for over 10 years with experience across multiple platforms. He has always had a passion for connecting with people and loves working with clients, both helping with their IT issues and using his problem solving skills to make their days better. He has been skiing since he learned how to walk and enjoys live music and spending time in the great outdoors!

Mitchell Hoffmann

Network Engineer

Mo Kincaid

Dispatch Manager

Mo got his nickname over 20 years ago from his best friend and has stuck ever since. He has the philosophy that your smile carries through your voice. He likes to walk out of work each night with the same smile that he had when he walked in the door at the start of the day. With a background in both technical support and customer service—he loves to help people.

Nicholas Kuehnast

Network Engineer

Nic started his IT career In Rural Minnesota as a Network Administrator Consultant. In 2017 he decided he needed a change of scenery and moved to Denver to join our Team. Nic has several Microsoft Certifications including Windows 8, 10 and Server 2012, but he also is talented with Apple’s product lineup as well. In his spare time he enjoys all Colorado has to offer, including Hiking, Snowboarding, and Off roading in his Jeep. He also enjoys travelling to San Diego Comic yearly in July(Pictured).

“Seize the time… Live now! Make now always the most precious time. Now will never come again.” ― Jean-Luc Picard

Ryan Ziffer

Network Engineer

Ryan is an industry expert since he began his career in 2003 as a technology lead for a local business. In 2009 he started an IT consulting company and worked as a Systems Engineer for before joining Rocky Mountain Tech Team. In his free time he can be found on the slopes strapped to either a snowboard or mountain bike.

Tyler Ketterling

Network Engineer

Tyler started his IT career in Billings, Montana as a Network Administrator for a small MSP, whose main focus was public schools in rural areas. He moved to Colorado in 2015 to continue working as an MSP technician. With a huge exposure to Microsoft Server, he quickly picked up on Group Policy, DNS, and Active Directory. He enjoys the satisfaction of easing others technical pain, and simplifying the lives of small business users. In his free time, he enjoys wandering around in the great outdoors, fishing, and animated films.