Broadband Internet Service

The world of High Speed Business Class Internet can be complex. Rocky Mountain Tech Team can help you navigate all of today’s modern Internet options, evaluate your specific needs, and choose the right provider for your practice, building or location.

Whether it is DSL, T1/Ethernet, Satellite, Cable or Fiber, RMTT can help you determine the providers will service your location, and choose the product that offers the best bandwidth and value to you.

We’ll work with you to determine the highest class service that fits your needs and location.

Since RMTT has partnered with the top Internet Service Providers, we can seamlessly handle the entire process for you. We’ll manage the ordering, procurement, and installation of your new Internet service. And if your location needs new network cabling or cleanup in preparation for your new service, our RMTT Cabling Team can handle that too!


VOIP – Voice Over Internet Phone Service

We’re often asked by our clients which VOIP phone systems we recommend and here’s what we tell them.

VOIP comes in two general platforms:

Hosted VOIP over your Internet connection

There are many Hosted VOIP service providers out there that promise great deals with phone service that will run right over your existing internet. These are called “Over the Top” providers. While many of these providers offer good service, the main issue is that they can’t “Own” the connection from end-to-end. Instead, they must rely on the stability of your internet connection for better or worse, to fulfill their service to you. When these connections have minor blips and drop calls, your phone service provider will blame your internet service company. You then call your ISP and they will say “call your VOIP provider” resulting in an endless loop of finger pointing.

Dedicated VOIP Platforms (Recommended)

The big players in the VOIP market understood this issue and created backbone networks to offer Quality of Service (QOS) guaranteed call quality VOIP systems. This is because they send your VOIP traffic across dedicated connections that they have control over from end-to-end. These companies can offer the highest quality and most stable phone service.

RMTT has partnered with several of these companies to help bring you the perfect VOIP service to match your needs. Whether it is High Speed Internet or VOIP solutions, let Rocky Mountain Tech Team take the stress out of this process by managing your transition for you.


Internet & Phone Providers

We are a Comcast Business Solutions Provider and have reseller relationships with many internet & VOIP providers including: