Unifi – VLAN for Guest DHCP with pfSense

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  • Don’t have enough IPs in your DHCP Scope?
  • Don’t want your guests to have the same IP subnet?

Setup a VLAN for your Guest Network

On the pfSense

  • Interfaces>Assignments>VLANS>Add
    • set parent interface to your LAN interface
    • choose a VLAN Tag
    • Save
  • Interfaces>Assignments>Interface Assignments
    • Under available network ports, choose the VLAN you just added from the drop down, click Add
  • Interfaces>Assignments>Interface Assignments
    • Click on the newly created interface (likely OPT3 or something like that)
    • Enable it, give it a description, set it to use static IPv4, give it a static IPv4 address
    • Save, Apply Changes
  • Services>DHCP Server>UnifiGuest (or whatever you called your Interface)
    • Enable, Assign a range, any other settings you want, Save
  • Firewall>Rules>UnifiGuest
    • Add, Protocol Any, Save
    • Add^, Action: Block, Protocol: Any, Destination: LAN net

On the Unifi Controller

  • Select your Site>Settings>Wireless Networks
  • Create new (or edit an existing network)>Advanced Options
  • Check Use VLAN and enter number
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