Saying goodbye to a member of our family

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It’s with incredible sadness to share that Laurie Zimmerman passed away in late February of this year. We had the pleasure of knowing Laurie since 2004, she was a huge part of the beginning and success of RMTT. She was not only a fantastic technician but was a wonderful human being who was adored by her clients and co-workers alike. We miss her like crazy.

A 529 College savings fund has been setup for her daughter. Details for making a donation follow.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the Ugift code: J9J-J6J
  3. Enter the gift-giver’s name and gift amount
  4. Make the gift via electronic funds transfer or check

Staff from RMTT attended the celebration of her life in Lyons, Colorado on April 20th. We were able to share stories, memories and celebrate Laurie with her husband, daughter, friends and family.

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