RMTT Proactive Services – Using Multiple monitors at home

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Set Multiple Monitors as the default for Remote Desktop (you only need to do this once)

  • Open “Start” menu
  • Type: “remote” to help find Remote desktop connection
  • Select Remote Desktop Connection
  • Select Show Options
  • Select Display Tab
  • Check (or uncheck if only 1 monitor preferred) Use all Monitors
  • Go back to General tab
  • Select Save

Connect to Proactive using Remote Desktop

  • Click the green icon next to the computer you wish to remote onto
  • (First time only) – install the application TakeControl by clicking on the download link that pops up
  • Choose Open SolarWinds Take Control
  • In the Drop Down, choose Use RDP
  • Click More choices and select Use a different account
  • Type your domain\username and password as you normally do in the office (you can find this information under the logged in user when you’re logged into Proactive) and select OK
  • Accept the certificate error and feel free to choose don’t remind me and you will be connected to your computer
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