What is it?

Remote Access is a feature of RMTT Proactive Services, it’s included in your monthly license fee.  This allows you to connect to your office computer from home or on the road

How do I enable it?

For security purposes, Remote Access is disabled by default.  If you’d like it turned on – just give us a shout at 303.732.3200, it’s just a couple clicks on our end to turn it on

OK, you’ve turned it on – now what?

  • Navigate to https://proactive.rmtt.com/, you will be prompted to enter your Login Name and Password.  This is the same username and password that you use to connect to your computer at the office – if you need any help tracking this down – give us a call 303.732.3200
  • Once logged in, click the green icon next to the computer you wish to remote onto
  • (First time only) – install the application TakeControl by clicking on the download link that pops up
  • Choose Open SolarWinds Take Control
  • If you’re on a Windows machine, you can optionally switch to use RDP to enable multiple monitors.  More details here
    Use RDP

My computer is locked, how do I send Ctrl+Alt+Del to login?

  • On a Windows machine, you can press Ctrl+Shift+Del
  • On a Mac, click Remote Desktop at the top>Send CTRL+ALT+DEL

What can I do to make this even more secure?

We highly recommend having us enable Two Factor Authentication, we probably already talked to you about this when you had us enable remote access.  More details on 2FA for RMTT Proactive Services are available here