Google Workspace – Setting Up 2 Factor Authentication

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The time has come to secure your Google / G Suite / Google Workspace login with 2 Factor Authentication.  Follow these directions to make it happen!

  1. Sign into your G Suite / Google account via
  2. Click the account button in the top right corner of your browser window then click the “Manage your Google Account” button

  1. Select “Security” from your options on the left side of the browser window

  1. Click on “2-Step Verification”

  1. Click the blue “Get Started” button


  1. Enter your account password and click “Next”

  1. Enter your phone number, preferred method to receive the codes when you sign into Google and then click “Next”

  1. Enter the code that was sent to you via your phone and click “next”

  1. Click “Turn On”


Congratulations, you are all set to securely log in to Google!

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