Fixing Outlook Crashes after 11/11/15 updates

Last Updated: March 19th, 2018/Published On: November 11th, 2015/By /Views: 3034/

Something in Windows Update KB3097877 is causing Outlook to become unresponsive and crash, so far the best fix is to uninstall this update. The instructions to do so are as follows.

  • First step is to click the Start button and type in “installed updates” in the search bar
    • Capture
  • Click on “View installed updates” this will open a new control panel window, it may take several minutes to load
  • In the top right of this window is a search bar, in this type “KB3097877”
    • Click on the update that shows up and then click uninstall
    • BadKB
  • This will require a reboot to fully uninstall, it will give an option to restart later
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