Synology – Backing up and Restoring From your DSM V7 Synology

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Synology – Backing up and Restoring From your DSM V7 Synology

Acronis does not currently have a package for DSM V7 and the legacy docker method no longer works. Acronis plans to release their v7 package at the end of 2023, but in the mean time we are using Synology C2 storage for backups. All clients are under the account, password is in control. For new Synology backups, please reach out to RZ for setup.

If RZ unavailble, here are the steps:

  1. Install Hyper Backup from the Synology Package Center
  2. Launch Hyper Backup
  3. Select Synology C2 Storage
  4. Sign in with (control RMTT contact Synology account)
  5. Grant access to C2 Storage
  6. Create backup task (accept default name if it includes customer)
  7. Select volumes to backup
  8. Select applications to backup (optional)
  9. Confirm backup settings
  10. Check the box for enable backup rotation and select Smart Recycle

For file restores:

  • Log into the Synology and launch the HyperBackup app.
  • Select the RMTT Synology C2 plan.
  • Select the backup explorer icon (little magnifying glass)
    • A timeline will appear with restore dates. Select the date and select the file you’d like to restore.
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