Craestream: PracticeWorks and Printers

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This is for when PW starts throwing and error “The printer ‘HP OfficeJetLaser 5280CwDn Pro’ is not installed on this machine!”

  • First, open the program ‘Configuration for CS PracticeWorks’
  • Go to Documents > This user’s defaults
    • Select the printer to set as the default and click okay
    • Do NOT select the option for setting the entire office’s defaults
  • Open up the PWORKS directory, usually directly in C:\
  • Search/Scroll to PWORKS.INI (it can be edited with PracticeWorks running)
    • In here, toward the bottom, is a section with all the printers that have been set for various forms
    • Delete everything that isn’t the pwDefault inside this section
    • Save and close
    • This will now use the printer set as default for everything else


So you did that and are still getting the same original error? That’s the result of setting the office wide default, the fix is as follows

  • Hop onto the PWORKS shared drive then Data
  • Find the PWGLOBAL.INI file
    • Same as above, find the forms section with all the printers
    • Delete everything inside the forms section and save
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