We would like to make sure all of us are on the same page regarding a few general topics.  For us to get a better sense of your approach to these different situations, please answer the questions below.  (Pro Tip : Bullet point answers are totally appropriate here.)”

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How does the following sample morning sound to you?
The first call of the morning is a client who came into the office to a beeping UPS and an offline server. You walk them through plugging into a surge protector and get them back online until dispatch can get an onsite tech to swing by with a replacement. The next call is a follow up from an ongoing Outlook issue from the day before, followed by a call for an integration between dental practice management software and imaging software that you've never seen before. Then you get a call from an onsite tech asking for help setting up a new employee that a customer forgot to give us a heads up about. In between all of these calls are chat messages coming in from the Dispatch team and other remote technicians that range from coordinating client support to exchanging gifs about how everyone's weekend went.
Looking over their documentation you notice that this client is using Comcast as the ISP, a pfsense as their firewall, 2 Ubiquiti WAPs and a single Windows Server 2019 domain controller at the location where she is experiencing problems. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of their networking/server closet/equipment. Outline the steps you take with Rebecca on the phone to bring this service back online before you would determine that an on-site is required.
How do you approach this situation?
You reset the password and tell them the new password over the phone, but they are still unable to login and they are getting audibly frustrated since this is taking longer than they had hoped. What strategies and/or tools do you utilize to get this customer back on track?
Considering this is not an application you have heard of (although the company sounds like something you heard on TV once), you look at their documentation and see that his computer is running Windows 11. How do you approach helping Roger with his issue?
Their client documentation has updated pictures of their server room and upon logging into the RMTT remote access console for their client systems you notice that their only server (a Windows 2019 Domain Controller) is online but no other device is showing as online. You are also able to login successfully to the DC. Tobias notes that all computers are turned on in the office. What steps do you take to bring full connectivity to this environment?
On one occasion, you are on a phone call with a client who is having trouble printing to one of the 3 printers in her office. While on that call, you see that a member of the RMTT Dispatch team attempted to call you. Then they followed up with an urgent chat message that a different client has called in with an urgent request about a server being down and are inquiring about your availability to help. How do you handle this situation?