We would like to make sure all of us are on the same page regarding a few general topics.  For us to get a better sense of your approach to these different situations, please answer the questions below.  (Pro Tip : Bullet point answers are totally appropriate here.)”

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In the past 7 years, how many Active Directory server migrations have you completed?
How does the following sample work week sound to you?
Day 1: AM: scheduled onsite visit for routine maintenance checks at a small start up. midday: dental office that needs help with a sensor that won't connect. PM: Install a new laptop that has arrived for a non-profit customer.
Day 2: AM: start the day at home office catching up on emails before 10:00 scheduled onsite at a charter school to ensure student testing environment is ready. PM: monthly team meeting with your peers and team lead, work related agenda first, then axe throwing.
Day 3: AM: your regularly scheduled routine maintenace visit is rescheduled to next week, instead swing by a financial services company to install a new UPS to replace a failed unit. PM: meet with new customer we've signed to begin onboarding process.
Day 4-5: server migration project to replace a near End Of Life Active Directory server and 3 older workstations.
You are at a client and stuck working on an urgent issue with them. You know your next appointment is scheduled before you will be able to wrap up at your current visit and get to your next appointment. What do you do?
A customer has ordered a new laptop to replace an aging one. What steps do you take to get the new laptop ready and ensure the user has access to everything they had before?
Your customer is going on a trip and is concerned about security. How do you ensure they are protected in case of theft or loss? How do you explain what you've implemented to the customer?
One of your dental clients calls in wanting to update their dental software to the next major version that just released this week. How would you handle this type of request?
A user is on the internet through wifi but unable to access the mapped drives to the local server - what is the first thing you check?
Task is to perform a routine maintenance check on an office with 1 Windows Server and 15 workstations to ensure everything is in good shape. What are the top 5 most important tasks you peform during this maintenance?
A non-profit 5-user office with 2003 Microsoft Small Business Server has a problem with Microsoft Exchange and after spending a good deal of time on the problem, you are not sure what the resolution is and nobody else is available. There are no restore points and no backup, but all existing mail is available in Outlook in an OST and new mail is being cached with their spam filter. They need email up and running fast as their business depends on email. They also want a good long term solution, what do you do?