SOPRO Imaging Install

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  1. You are going to want to run the installer for SOPRO, typically located in the \\server1\Sopro Imaging\Sopro Imaging Installer\Sopro Imaging setup.exe
  2. Follow all the steps for the installer.
  3. Run SOPRO imaging.
  4. Click new
  5. Add a name like Dr Wrong Database
  6. Double click the new doctor that you created (might also see one titled demo)
  7. Top left > File> Setup
  8. Change the images folder path to the correct one
    • In this case, it was \\server1\Sopro Imaging\Images SOPRO-Imaging) It was nested though. The original setup had a mistake and nested the database in the folder. Typically, the image folder has a 0-999 folder.

If you are using DentrixLink to open up patient images in Dentrix:

  1. You want to set the drop down to Dentrix and then select the auto update button.
  2. Click radiology, select the sensor you are using, typically it is the middle on that is black (sopix).

If you open SOPRO and it says “Unable to validate license”:

  1. Click yes, under license type in “1 – DEMOS – DEMOS” – validate license.
    • This will allow you to create the fake database and connect it to the correct one. – then start from the beginning.