Romexis – Resolve error loading didapi.dll when opening Romexis

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This error can occur under two different scenarios. Follow the steps accordingly depending on the scenario. It is related to the file required to capture 2-D panoramic x-rays.

If the PC is just for viewing and NOT acquiring go to the Viewing PC section.

If it is an acquisition PC then go to the Acquisition PC section.

Viewing PC

  1. Open Romexis and click ok on the didapi error.
  2. Click on the admin button in lower left (It might take a minute to be clickable)
  3. Select the local settings tab.
  4. Uncheck the box next to “image capture (DIDAPI) Enabled (applied after restart)”
  5. Click save, then ok and exit Romexis.
  6. Open Romexis without the didapi error.

Acquisition PC

  1. This will require a re-installation of Romexis.
  2. Locate the installation discs for the same version of Romexis they are running. If you cannot find the software, Planmeca support (630-529-2300) can assist.
  3. Run the installation and select modify.
  4. Under Select Features, leave what is checked, and check the box next to “DIDAPI and device drivers”
  5. Click next until it is finished installing.
  6. Reboot and try opening Romexis again and capturing an image.
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