RMTT Happy Hour: Cerebral Brewing

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July’s Social Happy Hour was at Cerebral Brewing in downtown Denver, Colorado. Cerebral Brewing takes a scientific approach to brewing over a broad spectrum of styles.

Jordan Sisk, TJ Bishop, Ben Taylor & Dennis Niedfeldt from RMTT had a great time with Hannah, Jason, Kellie, Brian, Stephanie (Dennis’ wife), Molly, Emily & Mandy. Dennis did his best to get the group hooked on Pokemon Go while Jordan, Ben and TJ talked over their clients’ experiences with the new Windows 10 update system.

Muscle Mystery was a favorite beer of the evening.

Muscle Memory
A generous helping of oats makes this Third Wave Pale Ale dangerously drinkable. Bursting with grapefruit, orange marmalade and lemon/lime zest. 4.5% ABV – 38 IBU

Cerebral Brewing is located just south of City Park off Colfax and has 7 beers on tap with a wide variety in the bullpen for rotation.

Each month the team visits a different front range brewery to catch up with each other, have a few beers, share tech knowledge and keep up with the ever growing community of craft brewers & distillers in Colorado.

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