RMTT Happy Hour: 12Degree Brewing

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This month’s happy hour was at 12Degree Brewing in Louisville, Colorado. The founder, Jon, brewed Belgian-style beers and when he traveled to Belgium found each town had it’s own brewery that became a gathering place for neighbors, friends and families. He looked to create the same kind of atmosphere here and Louisville felt like the perfect fit.

Dennis, Caleb, Michele, Jeff, Matt, Joanie, Eric, and Eric’s wife, Kelli all made it out and cooled off from the heat. The Grapefruit Express was a surprise favorite of the group.

Grapefruit Express
Pale Ale – Pale ale brewed with Citra hops and grapefruit. Refreshing and citrusy. 6.8% abv – 35 IBUs

Each month the team visits a different front range brewery to catch up with each other, have a few beers, share tech knowledge and keep up with the ever growing community of craft brewers & distillers in Colorado.

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