Resizing Windows Server 2008 Partitions

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The Question

What tools do you use to resize Windows Server 2008 partitions?
Boot is fine. I’ve got the server offline and gparted is not seeing the partitions.

The Winner

The paid license of IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free

The Conversation

  • AOEMI Paritition Assistant but it does not work on server OS live, you have to use the boot disc. I don’t know of any free softwares that let you manage partitions live, most require a purchase.
  • Pretty sure I just use the diskpart cmd tool.
  • Resize-C has worked for me.
  • Resize-C is what I’ve used for almost half a decade.
  • Depends on the situation, but gparted was always my go to, so other than that not sure.
  • I have also used Resize-C and it has always worked.
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