RMTT IT Moving Guide & Checklist

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Over the years at Rocky Mountain Tech Team we’ve had many of our clients move to new spaces, re-locate, or start up new businesses. In any situation regarding office space or even home offices there are always IT considerations that can be costly if not addressed at the onset. We’ve provided this complementary IT Moving Guide/Checklist. Please contact us with any questions.

  Download the PDF: Rocky Mountain Tech Team Moving Guide

RMTT IT Moving Checklist & Moving Guide

When considering new space:

  • What broadband internet is/will be available?
    • You will always be able to get a T1 product like CBeyond or Forethought, but DSL and Cable are not available everywhere. T1s start around $400/month vs DSL/Cable that start at <$100/month.
  • Is it wired with CAT5?
    • Is there a network drop at every location that you will want a computer, phone or network printer? Is it cabled with CAT3 or CAT5? Newer phone systems will require CAT5 and will not run over CAT3. Cabling costs depend on many variables, but can run $100-$200/network drop.
    • Also ensure there are power outlets where you will want to put computers, phones, and network printers.
  • Schedule an RMTT walk through (and maybe phone system too)
    • We can help you point out what changes will need to be made and if there are any red flags. Many of these tasks will need to be handled prior to move in.
    • If you don’t have an RMTT phone system, It may also be helpful to have your phone system vendor do a walk through of the new space

Packing up:

  • Who will be packing the desktops? Servers?
    • When packing up equipment, think about unpacking. It’s easiest if you keep all associated cords, mice, keyboards, etc. in a large bag and label it to match it to the correct desktop
    • For servers, we recommend you let us help you get this packed up
  • Phone System (if it’s not managed by RMTT)
    • We recommend you have your phone system provider pack up, move, and re-install at the new location

On Moving Day:

  • Is your email hosted onsite?
    • If it is, do you have a plan for receiving email while the server is down?
  • Who will physically move your equipment?
    • Most moving companies have experience moving IT equipment, but we recommend you ask them if they are comfortable doing so
  • Schedule RMTT to be there on moving day
    • We’ll help you get your networking equipment plugged back in and your server setup


  • Who will setup the computers?
    • You can have us help you out or just answer questions if employees will be setting up their own computers
    • We recommend you have us setup your server and networking equipment


  • Recycle: Moving is a great time to purge old equipment. We can help you recycle your old equipment.
  • New Phone System: Moving might be a great opportunity to ditch that old phone system and implement a new system that will allow voicemail to email, unlimited extensions, direct dial for each person, remote and home offices, simultaneous ring to cell phones and more.
  • New TV or projector in your conference room: Flat screen TVs and projectors can be a great addition to a conference room. We’d be happy to help you mount one and run the appropriate cabling.
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