“Banding Together” – A Concert for the Colorado Music Relief Fund

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This past weekend, there was a nearly 4 hour live music benefit that was co-produced by one of our clients, 7S Management, and featured a lot of great music from around the Denver/Boulder area and beyond. Notable performances included Nathaniel Rateliff at an empty Red Rocks, The Lumineers at Empower field, Todd Park Mohr (Big Head Todd) from the roof of Denver Health and Nick and Helen Forster from eTown Hall (another RMTT client!).

Many of us at RMTT have been deeply missing what live music brings into our lives.  We miss not only seeing our favorite bands and songs, but also miss the community aspect that each show brings with it.  Many of us either go to shows together and/or run into clients at the many wonderful venues throughout the Denver/Boulder area.

You can watch last weekend’s benefit below or on YouTube – if you go to the comments section you’ll find time stamps of all of the performances so you can skip around.

If you would like to donate to the Colorado Music Relief Fund to support those who are out of work that would otherwise be working hard to make those coveted shows happen, you can donate here and find auction items here.

Learn more about this great event sponsored by Breckenridge Brewery.

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