This wiki article assumes you already know how to setup G Suite (verification, DNS/MX changes, MigrationWiz, etc).  This is just for how to get the licenses ordered.  For more details on G Suite setup, see:

Planning steps

  • Must have access to customer’s Super Admin credentials (and 2FA if enabled)
    • RMTT’s old reseller credentials ( do not work
  • Customer will get emails about the transition, so need to keep them in the loop even if you get their username and password and do this on their behalf
  • Pricing moving forward will be based on MSRP (what Google charges if you go direct)
    • If they are coming from RMTT’s old reseller platform, the price will be the same
    • If they are coming from another reseller, there may be a price difference
  • If they are currently direct with Google (not RMTT’s old reseller platform):
    • Log in to Google using an admin account for the domain:
    • Go to Billing
      • Check to see if they are on Pre-paid Annual, Google does not offer refunds, so best to wait until close to their renewal date
      • If their Billing shows “Offline,” ask the customer to contact Google sales to transfer the billing to online (Sales number: 866-628-1366). This is the only way for the process to end up going through.
  • During this process is a great way to review the list of mailboxes they are paying for and remove any legacy mailboxes.  Here are the things to consider when deleting a mailbox:

Getting the Transfer Token

  • With customer’s Super Admin credentials, login to
  • Check “I have read…” and Click Generate New Transfer Token
  • Note this code, you’ll need it later

Synnex Steps

Add the Customer to Synnex

  • In Control>Recurring>Microsoft, click “+Add Reseller Customer” (Skip this step if there’s already a green checkbox there)

Provision G Suite in Synnex

  • Login at using your personal Synnex credentials (your email address)
  • Click on STELLR
  • Click G Suite
  • Click Google Customer Transfer
  • Check Google Customer Transfer Service
  • Click Check Out
  • Leave Reseller Contact as 961916-RMTT
  • Click Credit Card (Input), select the card on file, then the red Submit button (must allow pop-ups for this step)
  • Click Advance Search
  • Choose Customer from the list (this is what was created when you did +Add Reseller Account in Control)
  • Enter CustomerName for Reseller PO#
  • Click Continue Checkout and Preview Contract  **If you have troubles proceeding on this page, click the Google EULA, close and try again
  • Click Next
  • Click Action Required
  • Choose Transfer existing G Suite subscriptions and click Next
  • Enter Customer Domain and Transfer Token Code you noted above, Click next
  • Verify Contact Information and Click Next  ** Ensure you have the state abbreviation and US as country code, also ensure that the primary and alternate emails are different domains (ie, make the alternate their personal email)
  • Verify/Modify Billing Frequency, set Transfer seats to same as Min Transfer Seats (in many cases the Transfer Seats my be really high – like 750.  Make sure you adjust down to Min Transfer Seats)
  • Review all information and click Submit
  • Will take a few minutes, then Service Status will change from to

Accessing Customer’s Admin Console

Adding/Removing seats to a Synnex provisioned account

If we’re going to do it:

  • Click Subscriptions & Analytics from the Stellar page, then choose Subscription Management
  • Choose existing customer from left menu
  • Choose pencil under Service Status and choose Add/Remove Seat

If we want to give client access to do it themselves:


No Need to let RMTT Billing Know

  • Because Synnex has a billing system API, each month we will scrape Synnex’s bill to RMTT, then create an invoice to the customer based on MSRP (1st of the month will be a bill for the previous month’s usage).  Because of this, there is no need to let Jessica know of any changes.  Whatever we get billed, we bill to the customer.  There are no overrides.  So this means if a client deletes an email account and doesn’t to get billed for it anymore, the only way to make that happen is to actually delete the account so that we are not billed for it

Getting up to 1 free month

  • Provision on the first of the month or as close to the first of the month as possible
  • Synnex bills us each month on the first for the upcoming month, so if we provision on the first or after, their bill to us will have already been generated so we won’t be billed again until the first of the next month – they do not prorate new licenses!