How to properly backup Dolphin Imaging and Management

What to Backup:

Your Dolphin Imaging software requires two primary areas to be backed up regularly:

  • The SQL database, which contains contracts, ledgers, treatment notes, scheduled appointments, questionnaire answers, and much more.
  • The working directory (located on your server), contains letter templates, patient images, cephalometric analysis data, custom reports and other vital information.  Example:  \\ServerName\Dolphin\Working
  • Beginning with version 11.8, the backup will run automatically once you close Dolphin. Please note if you also use Dolphin Management, this feature is disabled in Imaging and managed through your Management system.

The following files are created when backing up your data from Dolphin Management:

  • Note: Dolphin backup starts and runs a SQL Enterprise backup.
  • Creates a file called \\ServerName\Dolphin\Working in the data folder as specified in the DOLPHIN.INI. Usually, this is \\server\dolphin\working\data.
  • Then it zips this file (DOLPHINPLATFORMBACKUP.BAK) into a file name, like SAFEBACKUP1.ZIP or TUESDAY.ZIP

How to Create Dolphin Backups:

To Manually Backup your data from Dolphin Management, perform the following steps:

  • Open Dolphin Management.
  • Select File | Backup.

  • \\ServerName\Dolphin\Working\Data\”Safebackup…FileName”

Dolphin Creates Automatic backups with the “Scheduled Job Manager”:

  • Open Dolphin Management – Tools – Dolphin Scheduled Job Manager
  • This Backup runs as part of the END OF DAY procedure.

To Enable Safe Backups as part of EOD procedure:

  • Open Dolphin Management – Tools – Options


Backing Up Dental Clients with Dolphin PMS using Acronis

  • Enable Safe Backups @ EOD for Dolphin Database information.
  • Backup the “Dolphin Working Directory”: \\ServerName\Dolphin\Working
  • Exclude all other Dolphin related folders
  • Enable Shadow Copies on all Volumes
  • Use Acronis for local backup of System State, and all other files and folders.
  • Schedule to run off hours and give EOD backup at least 3 hours to complete. The EOD does not backup imaging data. The manual file section of the working directory is the only way to backup imaging data.

Test Restore:

  • Restore these files from \\ServerName\Dolphin\Working\Data
    • Open zip and verify “DOLPHINPLATFORMBACKUP.BAK” exists
  • Restore Image file from \\ServerName\Dolphin\Working